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Opinion pieces, reflections on daily life or mini-essays seeking answers to some of life’s most important and pertinent questions (for a 25 year old).

Welcome to Molly With A Why!

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Welcome to my new website, Molly With A Why. I have had two previous blogging ventures, both born from a love for writing but equally doomed to failure (in my own mind at least) by my naïve ideas of what successful blogging was. You see, I hate to admit that I was struck by this not-so-original idea that my blog would become my sole source of income through adverts and sponsored posts, that I would live off of free bottomless brunches that I promote on Instagram, and wear beautiful clothes that are sent to me for my #ootd. Well, that didn’t happen (shock), so fast forward to January 2019 and here I am writing for the first time in two years.

I look back on my previous blogs with a mixture of embarrassment and pride. Maybe embarrassment is too harsh a word, but there is definitely a nostalgic-cringe factor when I occasionally dip back into the archive of my Favourite lipsticks right now and How to be hygge posts that I expected to differentiate me from every other 21 year old out there. But I’m equally proud that even if my motivations to do so were slightly delusional, I had taken the initiative to carve out and nurture my own part of the internet, no matter how few visits it got.

Now, I simply want to write for the joy I find in writing, and so Molly With A Why is born. Why is it Molly With A Why and not ‘Y’? Honestly, I thought it was a clever play on words and mollywithay wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to me. But as it so I happens I also have an incredibly expensive and dormant philosophy degree sitting under my belt, which officially qualifies me to use the word Why. I’m not intending to delve too far into the philosophical discussions that I spent three years of my life studying, but there is still an insatiably curious part of me longing to be set free. This is simply my new space to think and write about some of the everyday quandaries, distractions and learning experiences that us millennials are constantly facing, or at least that I am facing myself.

If you like or resonate with what you read then I hope you’ll come back again (and again). And if not, at least you got to enjoy one of the world’s greatest memes that also perfectly and totally coincidentally matches my colour scheme.

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