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Opinion pieces, reflections on daily life or mini-essays seeking answers to some of life’s most important and pertinent questions (for a 25 year old).

Draw nudes

It wasn’t until recently as I stood behind an easel loaded with several blank sheets of paper, and a naked lady on a chaise-longue before me, that I realised just how few naked women I have seen in real life. Not ‘in the flesh’ at least, in all of her world-wise, life-giving glory. This wasn’t a gender-reversal Titanic remake, this was a life drawing class, and there were fifteen or so other students around me, all witnessing and part of the same ritual.

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Heads down, phones up

This morning I had a nosebleed on the train. For me it’s not much more than an irritant, and even on a busy commuter train I can navigate to my emergency packet of tissues and control the situation. But I was surprised that it took four stops for someone to offer me a seat.

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My Green Awakening

I, like much of the world, am in the midst of what could be termed a 'green awakening'. Almost everyday we scroll across a new stat to shock us for just long enough to double-tap, because what else can you do but think: well, what the hell am I able to do about it? Turns out quite a lot, actually.

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Welcome to Molly With A Why!

Welcome to my new website, Molly With A Why. I have had two previous blogging ventures, both born from a love for writing but equally doomed to failure (in my own mind at least) by my naïve ideas of what successful blogging was. Now, I simply want to write for the joy I find in writing.

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