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About Molly


This is me, Molly

Why is my blog called Molly With A Why? Aside from the fact that I will answer to most nicknames that begin with ‘Mo-’ (Moles, Mozza, Momo to name a few), but I absolutely will not tolerate my name being spelt Mollie - I am also a curious lady with an incredibly expensive philosophy degree sitting under my belt.

I spend my 9-5 working as a Digital Content & Social Editor for a luxury jewellery brand, and the rest of my time absorbing and processing all of the inspiration and distractions that are thrown at me by the modern world. I have dabbled in blogging and writing since I was at Bristol University to introduce some creativity and constancy into my degree-centred life, but now that I have been out of uni for longer than I was in it - a terrifying reality check - I once again find myself itching to curate my own hub of inspiration for you to enjoy. So, enjoy!

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